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The first time i saw “Dead Poets Society” i wasn’t expecting anything good, it was a movie that i had to see for my homework and i wasn’t that happy.

I thought it was going to be just a weird old boring movie. I couldn’t been more wrong.

When i finished watching the film i was amazed and glad, glad that my teacher made me watch it. I remembered this film like an awesome, unconventional, fun and full of true issues movie.

Watching this film again made me realize that our society still have the issues that they show on the movie.


Are we all dead inside? Are we living life the way we want’ or the way society says?

Dead Poets Society is a 1989 American drama film directed by Peter Weir and written by Tom Schulman.

Winner of an Oscar, 20 wins and 18 nominations

Dead Poets society is a magnificent film, it’s full of true issues inside of our society that affects us constantly.

This film address social, educational, family issues and problems regarding stereotypes and personal growth.

The film: “The society of dead poets” shows us a story centered on the love of literature. In a school where all the teachers follow the same educational patterns, a peculiar teacher arrives who changes everything; Through dynamic activities, he makes his students become interested in literature and fall in love with it.

Upon seeing this work, i could see the process of the 4 main young people when they are looking for their identity and the fear of showing their true selves.

After watching the film, i was able to relate those issues to real life, because that’s what’s  happening in nowadays. Our society is full of stereotypes and rules to follow, if we do not comply with them, they call us crazy and see us in a bad way. Many times society deprives us of the things that make us happy, deprives us of that freedom.

The film showed me in a significant way the internal battles that teenagers have when they try to expose their identity, tastes and passions; I saw the role of parents in a state of denial, forbidden to follow dreams and destroying them by means of threats.

Nowadays some parents get carried away by social stereotypes and the parents wanting the “best” for their child or their children, make decisions for them without taking into account what they want. Forbidding them to do what they really love and make them happy.

“Carpe Diem” is the most popular phrase of this movie. It’ an inspiring quote that means: “Seize the day”.

“Today will not be repeated. Live intensely every moment, which does not mean crazy; but pampering each situation, listening to each partner, trying to realize each positive dream, seeking the success of the other; and examining the fundamental subject: love. So that one day you will not regret having selfishly squandered your ability to love and give life. “

-John Keating


The message of the movie is pretty clear.

We need to chase our dreams and impulse society to change the old way of thinking that only oppresses, should evolve and see the different ideas for the formation of all.

This film left me with questions like: are we really free? Do we make decisions according to what we want or based on social morals? Do we oppress others to be free and happy?

“Only when we dream we have freedom, it was always like that and it will always be that way”

-John Keating


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